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Smokey’s Sofa

Get your game on in a front row seat on Smokey’s Sofa at UT men’s and women’s basketball games!

Students will be selected for Smokey’s Sofa based on the following:

  • Campus leadership and involvement
  • Academic success
  • Promotion of civility and inclusion
  • Representation of the Torchbearer’s creed
  • Attendance at UT athletics events (t-credits)

Students selected for Smokey’s Sofa must also meet all of the following criteria:

  • Students must be currently enrolled as a full-time (12 hours or more) undergraduate or (9 hours or more) graduate student
  • Students must have been assessed the full University Programs and Services Fee
  • Students must reserve a ticket for the game through BigOrangeTix
  • Students must uphold the University Standards of Conduct

Smokey’s Sofa Application for Spring 2020 is now open!

*Students may only nominate themselves*

Nominees will be contacted by email if they have been chosen to sit on Smokey’s Sofa.

For more information, follow the dean’s office on Twitter @UTKDOS or Instagram @utkdeanofstudents

Smokey’s Sofa Games for Spring 2020

Spring 2020 games will be added soon! Stay tuned.

Gray text denotes men’s games. Blue text denotes women’s games.
Date Opponent/Event Time
1/15/19 Arkansas
7:00 PM
2:00 PM
1/21/19 Arkansas 7:00 PM
1/26/19 West Virginia 4:00 PM
1/31/19 Florida 7:00 PM
2/9/19 Florida 4:00 PM
2/13/19 South Carolina 6:30 PM
South Carolina 4:00 PM