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Rocky Top Roundtable

The purpose of serving on the Dean of Students’ Rocky Top Roundtable is to represent the University of Tennessee as an ambassador throughout the academic year.

Students selected to serve on the advisory board will have the opportunity to meet with the Associate Vice Chancellor/Dean of Students, Associate Deans, and other members of the DOS staff once per month to provide feedback on the student experience at UT. Undergraduate and graduate students will be selected to serve on the advisory board for the academic year. RockyTop Roundtable was created to provide students access to senior campus leadership that they may not already have through campus leadership positions, on-campus jobs, or other advisory boards on campus.

2021-2022 Rocky Top Roundtable Members

Ashlyn Anderson Public Health Nutrition: College Scholars Program, Spanish and International Agriculture Minor Fourth Year
Taylor Boyer Law Graduate Student
Tony Covington Finance Third Year
Ekramul Haque Ehite Biosystems Engineering, Statistics Minor Graduate Student
 Dom Green Sociology(Pre-Pharmacy Concentration) Fourth Year
Leila Hennon Neuroscience Fourth Year
Evan Mays Social Work, Social Justice Minor Third Year
Sylvia McNelly Business Analytics Fourth Year
Emily Morgan College Scholars Program: Political Economy of the South, Honors Leadership and Geography Minors Third year
Mary Grace Myers Audiology and Speech Pathology,  ASL and Public Health Minors Third Year
Paige Phifer Audiology and Speech Pathology, ASL Minor Third Year
Trohalis Reyes Anthropology and Sociology, Hispanic Studies Minor Third Year
Michael Rodriguez Marketing/Sales Fourth Year
Tressany Sawyers Political Science/ Journalism and Electronic Media Third Year
Savannah Sponcia Political Science, Psychology Minor  Fourth Year
Jacob Starace Animal Sciences, Biology Minor Third Year