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Distressed Student Protocol

Mental Health Awareness, Wellness & Suicide Prevention

The goal of this protocol is to foster student success and well-being. It was developed as a guide for faculty and staff in helping distressed or distressing students.

If a student’s behavior represents an immediate threat, CALL 911.

If the threat is not immediate, but are you concerned a student may harm self or others, CALL 974‑HELP (4357).

Student Behaviors

You may want to refer a student to get help if you observe the following:

  • Excessive or inappropriate anger
  • Behavioral or emotional change
  • Withdrawal
  • Change in hygiene or appearance
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Expressing unusual thoughts
  • Exhibiting unusual behaviors
  • Decline in academic performance

Faculty/Staff reactions:

  • Feeling uncomfortable or uneasy
  • Feeling alarmed or frightened
  • Feeling that something is not right
  • Concern about student’s ability to function
  • Worry about student’s comments or behavior