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Care Team

Kelly Rubin, Associate Dean of Students & Director, Care & Support

What I love about what I do: Being able to connect with students is what I love best about my role on campus. I really appreciate students’ and families’ willingness to put trust in us to offer care and support during the difficult times in their lives.

How long I have worked at UT: I joined UTK on July 1, 2018

What I love most about UT: I love the landscape and architect of our campus. As a Division, we strive to make a big campus feel like a close knit community and I found that same spirit and energy offered to me when I moved to UT.

Allison Cole, Coordinator, Case Management


Licensed Professional Counselor and Mental Health Service Provider

What I love about what I do: I love being a helper, and I especially like working with students. I think this is such an important time in their lives when they are on the threshold of going into the adult world and also figuring out what they want to do with their life and career.

How long I have worked at UT: I have been at UT since October of 2017.

What I love most about UT: The resilience of the student population at UT is really special.

Madisien Howard, Coordinator, Case Management

What I love about what I do: I love the opportunity to connect with students and to support them with actualizing their goals and holistic wellness.  In this capacity, we are able to bridge students with the vast array of support services, organizations, and opportunities here at UT and the broader community.  Not only that, I am also able to have an amazing time doing what I love! This is just an all-around amazing way to serve!

How long I have worked at UT: I just started working at UT at the beginning of August!

What I love most about UT: I am most appreciative of the family spirit of UT.  Since joining the team, it has felt just that—a team.  This spirit of unity and connectedness transcends my department into the larger body of UT, from administrators to staff and students.  This is a great place to be!

Dez Newcomb, Administrative Support Assistant

What I love about what I do: I absolutely love being an encourager, helper, and confidant. Being part of the 974-HELP team gives me the opportunity to do this on a daily basis.

How long I have worked at UT: I have worked at UT Since September 2017. I started out in the Counseling Center and then I won the job lottery when I got to become a team member with the Dean of Students office.

What I love most about UT: I love that our UT community is so very supportive. We are a neighborhood of people striving toward different goals and objectives. We may have different opinions and thoughts, but we all support one another when it comes down to it. That is the definition of teamwork and community and I am so glad I get to be a part of that.

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