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865-974-HELP is always answered by a professional staff member. If a care coordinator is not available when you call a message will be taken and the case manager will call you back to speak with you about your concerns.

Yes. If you are unsure what to do and do not want to give us the student of concern’s name, please call and we can talk with you about your concerns, possible next steps, and available resources.

Unfortunately, the only thing that we can share with you after we meet with a student is that we met with the student of concern or that the student of concern is connected to our office. Privacy laws do not allow us to give any specific information unless the student gives us permission.

When you call, we do ask for your name and phone number but do not share it with the student of concern unless you want them to know who called. It is helpful to have your name and number in case we have any additional questions, need additional information, or want to let you know when we are not able to reach the student you were concerned about.

If you are calling for yourself, we will set up a time for you to meet with us to see what supports are needed. During that meeting you would let us know if you wanted us to reach out to anyone on your behalf. To help coordinate care, the CARE Team meets weekly to discuss students’ needs and supports.

If you are calling for a fellow Vol, we keep your name private unless you express that you want the student to know you reached out to us. Please be aware that sometimes students tell only a few people what they are struggling with, so they may be able to figure out on their own who called to express a concern.

The Office of the Dean of Students utilizes an online record system called Maxient to keep track of contact made with students. The notes kept in Maxient are general notes and are not part of your permanent record. If an employer were to request a copy of your educational record, these notes would not be part of the request.

The CARE Team is composed of campus leaders from various university departments who meet weekly to coordinate services for students. It was created to provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of distressed students. Using the case management model, the CARE Team works together with students to prevent violence, suicide, and substance abuse and to encourage wellness and personal safety.

We encourage students to meet with us so we can provide them with support, help them problem solve, and help them reach their academic goals. A meeting may become required depending on the number and severity of concerns reported.

We do not reach out to parents when we work with a student unless the student gives us permission or if it is believed that the student is an imminent risk to self or others.

We are housed in the Office of the Dean of Students, which is on the 3rd floor of the Student Union. Our office is located on the Volunteer/ Cumberland side of the building

A meeting can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on what support is needed.

Most of what a student shares with us in our meetings we can keep private, but we are not 100 percent confidential. We are considered mandatory reporters and are required to report sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, and retaliation to the university. We are also required to report any child abuse.

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