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865-974-HELP (4357)

Our Purpose

The 974-HELP referral line was developed to help distressed or distressing students reach their academic goals and to help maintain a safe community and learning environment for all students.

The Staff of 974-HELP Work to

  • Create a safe and nonjudgmental place for students to be understood and supported
  • Foster student success and well-being while meeting the immediate needs of our campus community
  • Prevent violence, suicide, and substance abuse and encourage wellness and personal safety
  • Maintain a productive and healthy learning environment for all members of the university community
  • Educate faculty and staff on the signs of distress and the process to help students

Our Process

Care management at the University of Tennessee is based on a collaborative process of coordination, intervention, and support efforts across campus systems. For more information on this approach, see The History of Case Management in Higher Education, a publication of the Higher Education Case Managers Association. 

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